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Simone's yoga and fitness journey began over a decade ago and slowly began to weave it's way through her life; she is continually inspired by the potential of functional training and yoga to transform, expand and heal the mind and body. 

With a creative passion for movement and wellbeing, Simone is a well qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. She has eleven years experience training 1:1 clients and group fitness classes. Simone likes to teach calculated mixes of creative, fun fitness and Yoga influenced exercises. Sequences of conditioning and strength building exercises with focus on postural strength, alignment and flexibility. Using own bodyweight with TRX training, Pad work/boxing and functional free weights. 

Simone studied with Yoga Campus and is accredited by Yoga Alliance. She teaches 1:1 Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy guiding her students through a devotional asana (Posture) and pranayama (breath work). Inspired by her arts background she teaches imaginative, sometimes challenging sequences, balancing the energy of dynamic movement with the stillness of a moving meditation. 

Simone provides guided one-to-one Personal Training, one-to-one Yoga and small group training to a place that suits you - your home, garden, office, fitness studio or local park. With every one of her clients reaching their desired goal on schedule and finding a new happier, balanced, healthier self. 
A few Testimonial snippets:
Amanda - "My energy and fitness levels have increased substantially, I can not wait for summer dresses and bikinis"


Rachel - "I have trained with Simone since 2012, she is an inspiring fitness teacher who has guided me to achieve yoga poses I never thought possible. I now can't imagine life without Yoga"


Ross - "I began training with Simone February 2014 and since then she has been the inspiration for all my healthy lifestyle changes. Every month I progress to even better results, I am very happy with my healthy, fit, nutritious life. Simone is more than a personal Trainer, she is my life coach !"


Nicole - "focused a lot on building my core stability and strengthening my lower back. After 6 months of training with Simone my back pain has now gone"



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Simone is also a contemporary Artist click here to find out more about her Artworks and exhibitions.